Monday, August 25, 2014

Could it be Possible....

Could it be possible that a sunrise could be so magnificent with it's hues of blues and yellows, it alone would brighten your day.
Could it be possible to love someone so intensely, who simply is a reflection of genetics passed down from generations, and not be your birth child. Is it so unbelievable little Will is nearly a year old is walking around furniture, gosh how fast time goes by....a statement heard over and over again.
Could it be possible to not only see but capture such a gorgeous sunset and not wonder if it's the same all over the world. 
Could it be possible? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sunsets Smiles Rise....

I have this fascination with sunsets...

The way they photograph is amazing....

The clouds, the way the sun lights them like a glow from a candle, and the American Flag that says "Freedom" and so much more... in every image I capture, where it stands. It's power and what it represents flows right through me, grabs hold of my spirit, I can almost feel all who gave their lives to offer it generation to generation.

And when the sunsets, I know, it will rise to a new day, new beginnings. A day left behind a new day to do and be whatever we choose. That's Freedom! And with it comes smiles....

of my daughter who adores her son, Will, who is nearly one. I don't believe I've ever seen a happier baby.

to my oldest son's daughter Cami who was born after, Will, she made it from the NICU after a bit of a struggle, yet, here she is home, and nearly 5 months old.

to the youngest of the grand babies and my second oldest son's daughter, Emma, now 3 months, who too smiles all the time, that is when her belly is full. 

How can I not smile at things I love, especially when love is everything to us all in this wild world. It's' the only thing that makes any sense, and the thing, the feeling, I adore the most in this life, is simply...LOVE.

I am Blessed everyday by those around me and I am grateful, even to you my readers, so with that said this is for you!