Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring And Things...


I am far from consistent, even organized these days...I find peace and comfort in just being it's the beauty of an empty nester as time goes by...In the box thinking is something that is a must when younger, trying to figure out your life, who you are and where you're going. Now, as time goes by, I can just be and that feels awesome. It really take time and look at things in nature without hurrying to tend to something or somebody is so relaxing.

Yesterday was a sky so incredibly blue, marshmallow clouds full of whites and grays...plump and floating eagle gliding on the breeze that hailed from the South, bringing with it more and more clouds, as the day filled like a cup of water, rain followed today. I was in search of spring, anything blooming from beneath the ground to the trees above...a few I managed to find. It's okay we are not quite into April or May and with that beauty is about to come full face, bringing smiles to all. Fresh spring blooms, new love, old love refreshed, summer's all about love everywhere.

I've been knitting Emma's blanket now for awhile...I can not express how many times I have ripped it out and put it back together here and there....focus I say...focus. Okay yes, I can see it finished in my minds eyes like a computer it would be nice to just print it out...okay reality check, hehe. One must admit it would be quite nice if it were possible especially in this era where time is in so much demand. For me's been that cute little girl in the Bella has been fixed. It will be a week tomorrow. I check her little tummy and feel so badly for her, the hair is gone, and all that remains is stitches.  She's been so clingy, sleeping a lot just lounging as things heal. To follow this summer will be having her declawed. She has destroyed a lot of things and darn it this is a time when things should remain nice...and one can purchase the things they couldn't with children around the house. But, life doesn't always work that way...someone or something finds it's way into your heart and you find yourself back at square one...not a bad place to be filled with love all over again. It's the beauty of love it never stops finding it's way into your heart one way or another.

Friday, March 27, 2015

We All Need...

There are times I feel like I need a break from life. Going somewhere where no one knows me, and the warmth of the sun is just right, not so much that to sit in it is too much. I want to feel a cool breeze flow through and around me, hear nothing but the flush of the waves as they make their way to land. Sipping on a cold tall, lemonade, filled with fresh strawberries and crushed ice. I sit and knit without a care, from a yarn shop where I have a choice of whatever yarn I want, without worrying about the cost. Listening to the sounds of nature without any outside interference. A place for a week where I can just focus on myself, reconnect, refresh. Where bills don't exist, and my troubles are solved by someone else. Don't you feel the same? Like it's something we all need!

Times I want to live in a world where it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, a place where judgement doesn't exist, and everyone accepts all for who they are or what they look like,  and no matter what mistakes they make it's in the past. That clicks didn't exist and everyone helped others based on help alone. That it didn't matter how much better some were than others, that people just interacted as humans is all. But then that would have to be a Utopia wouldn't it something that seems hard to achieve. It's the beauty of a child from birth to 5 or 6 before school and society travels into there brains with words and labels that change who we are takes away the innocence we were born on is born with all the mental things they have to deal with brought on by others.

My second oldest son, Aaron, always came home from school with added comments on his report card, things like he doesn't pay attention, shows no effort, lacks interest. What did that say to my son other than nothing he did was good. So I approached the school and the principal addressed this issue, then had my son tested, found out he was ADD. In a meeting with the principal, I told him don't let this happen again, break his self esteem. I have a daughter coming to your school next year I will be watching. That's part of the programing that begins after age 5 or 6 when the outside world imposes there views on others. So what's the point to this article...I need to get away... and people these days annoy me, they judge and can't seem to help another human being without getting something in I end with this Beam me up Scotty....there has to be a better more accepting place in this huge Universe outside of us.
In the meantime,  I rest myself knowing Lavender season is just upon us....there are 6 more arriving this season for a total of 21 plants now in the field.