Monday, March 24, 2014

Red Ticking Vintage Clothespin Bag

Hello dear readers, I've been sewing a lot as I have mentioned in previous posts. Designing pillow cases, aprons, my little bags, and these darling little clothespin bags. They are made to be a bit vintage, some of them have a tea stained outside also.

They are made of red ticking fabric, completely lined with a tea stained quality muslin, has a 
6" opening.

Also contains a wooden hanger, baby size for this one.
With spring here I am sure there are many beginning to hang out clothes for drying. Oh, how I love the smell of laundry hung outside. The fresh scent of the air is intoxicating. There is not one product on the market that can match the scent of the outdoors.

The inside is also finished with french seams for no fraying making it easy to wash. I have in the making one with a zipper, if you're like me and I leave it outside all night I prefer to close so not to be surprised when sticking in hand on next use.
There will be a few ready to go in a few days. I will post them in Ewenique Farm Goods at the top of my blog. This one measures 12" long by 8" wide. There are a couple larger ones in the making. They are all done in red, navy blue, gray and brown ticking.

Thank you for stopping by....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sewing All Kinds of Things....

Wow it's been awhile...I've been so busy and excited spring is nearly here, grand baby Will is 4 months just growing away. I simply adore everything about him, his smile captivates my soul. He is magnificent, happy every moment, eating rice cereal, and just taking his mother's breath away with everything new he does. 

I've been sewing away, I finally added my homespun black and cream curtains to the living room. I just love them! I need to finish that darn chair, I keep meaning to do it but life comes along and whee, time has passed. I think I might just ship it out to be finished.

Then I've been gathering fabric sewing up this little bags, oh they are so cute. They are going to be gift bags, special occasions and such...I can't wait to show you after many more to complete. The pillow cases are coming along even added scroll designs made to look aged. I am working on getting a lot together to do what I plan which is a surprise.

And I even got down to it and tried gray...only on the toes, to put it on the walls would be a bit much for me. There are so many hues to Gray's and not one I would like to look at everyday, especially in the different lights. 

Finally,  I am working on pillows by P.S. I crochet. I just love the design isn't her pillow just too cute!! I just love her new blog design, go check it out, you'll love it I'm sure! I'm doing mine in brown and black balls with an ivory yarn.

There you have what has been keeping me so busy, along with starting veggie plants from seedlings. Hope your filling your day with things you enjoy, too!