Thursday, April 28, 2016

Harvest Sweater on The Needles

 Whee! today it's very cool and damp....making for the sinuses to ask what is going on right? One day warm next day, well I think everyone understands. I am enjoying it despite the lows and highs, much like life...I've been knitting away and just as happy as can be hearing the bamboo needles click as I get a steady groove. I so love circular needles!

This is a seamless top down sweater from Tin Can Knits (Harvest Cardigan, it's free) and I love the fact it's available to knit in any size, really, any size. This is a 4T it knits right up to I believe a 4XL, oh well, take a peek I know it's amazing, so easy to knit. I am one for seamless patterns especially when it comes to knitting. Bring it on I say....

The pattern calls for a worsted/aran weight yarn, I used some old stash I had which was Lion Brand Wool Ease in Rose Heather. Wool Ease yarn is 80% acrylic 20% wool it's not too bad, however, I prefer Paton's unless I am working something for the grand children, then wool ease is fine. This is for Emma, my grand daughter who is 2, and for next fall. I didn't add any button holes, the pattern doesn't call for any, yet it tells one can add a button hole in the center. Tonight I will finish it then block...always do it really makes a difference in the stitching and sizing. I use to think blocking do I really have to it seems like so much to do after knitting...but...I've come to enjoy it especially after the end results. The actual color of the sweater is the first photograph.

And yes, Cascade yarns what can I say but, dreamy, I love it! This is Cascade 220 superwash which is wonderful for's washable not to mention I love the stitch definition and the way it feels. This is to be another coat for Emma next fall...I think I should start knitting for Cami who is another of my grand daughters who is also 2.  I will be a busy grandma knitting away. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tiered Toddler Knitted Coat Update

Good Morning all...that is if you're in the United States...I am updating more of the toddler coat I've been knitting. Managed to get the sleeves done over the was so nice outside I even mowed the lawn.  Amazing how the weather can affect your moods...I think next winter I'm going add murals of spring to all my windows, buy a couple birds, keep the heat up so it feels like summer. Wonder if this would really work, hmm, yes I would be one to try it...should it happen surely I will post. So the sweater was so easy and quick Emma (my grand daughter) is coming over this week to see if the yarn and gauge to match is a true 4T I am so hoping. The photographs arg, inside light at night just is not true to colors especially reds...the color is closest to the next photograph. When it's completed hanging it outside to photo. 

I will knit another in the recommended expensive yarn if this yarn is not giving me a true size 4T...I realize the better the yarn the better the stitch definition and fitting of garment...yet knitting for a toddler think of expensive yarn, not. I do try to come as close as possible. I am satisfied with the outcome, it's not finished yet, and yes the buttons are just laid on explaining the one on the wrong side. Blocking it today, then add a lining that coordinates with the buttons...and the makings of the hat. Now, what project to start and complete far I've kept my promise to myself to complete every project I begin before starting if I could only apply that to my home. 
I am just not the best at home organizing, although, I do know where every single thing is in the in my mind it's organized to suit me.
All information is on the red link above for the yarn used, pattern and back soon with  a photograph once it's truly completed.