Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A bountiful of babies

Spring has arrive and it's been filled with babies.... of all kinds.

Remember baby William who was born November 12, 2013 he is really becoming a big boy, ooh so fast.
At 5 months here and now nearly 6 it's hard to believe how moments in time seem to fly by... That of course, is his mama, my daughter, Dannon. She is such a wonderful mother and a beautiful daughter.

As you may remember too, I purchased a Cannon Rebel EOS T3i and have been having so much fun experimenting with all the different settings, and ways I can photograph. I am loving it. This certainly says spring is here to stay, and the rebirth of everything is glorious, isn't it?

Then there is this new one added to my grand baby list. Meet Camilla (Ca Mil La) Marie, she was born premature on March 25th with a few minor problems that has her still at the NICU finally weighing in at 7 lbs. which took quite awhile. She is coming home the first week of May, she is my very first grand daughter. I am in love! Welcome to our family and the world little girl. 
On that note, I have another grand daughter due to arrive the end of May. We are so blessed with babies.

Even the smallest of baby flowers that grow random in our yards. Most apply fertilizer which saddens me as these are so beautiful when in bloom. The color is magnificent as are the dainty blooms.

This little one was rather funny, I was in the woods photographing when I noticed him on the ground. He followed me, then I him, it was so unusual yet fascinating that when he stopped, it was if to say okay, take my photograph I'm ready now, and so I did. Nice pose, hey! 
My apology for being away for so long, the last few months have been filled with babies, each having there own little issues that required them to have hospital stays. Even little William, who gave us all a scare, not to worry he is fine. Merely lactose intolerant which took the doctors awhile to figure out. Strange huh!

Thank you for stopping by again, I hope you enjoy the photographs and have a wonderful spring day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Red Ticking Vintage Clothespin Bag

Hello dear readers, I've been sewing a lot as I have mentioned in previous posts. Designing pillow cases, aprons, my little bags, and these darling little clothespin bags. They are made to be a bit vintage, some of them have a tea stained outside also.

They are made of red ticking fabric, completely lined with a tea stained quality muslin, has a 
6" opening.

Also contains a wooden hanger, baby size for this one.
With spring here I am sure there are many beginning to hang out clothes for drying. Oh, how I love the smell of laundry hung outside. The fresh scent of the air is intoxicating. There is not one product on the market that can match the scent of the outdoors.

The inside is also finished with french seams for no fraying making it easy to wash. I have in the making one with a zipper, if you're like me and I leave it outside all night I prefer to close so not to be surprised when sticking in hand on next use.
There will be a few ready to go in a few days. I will post them in Ewenique Farm Goods at the top of my blog. This one measures 12" long by 8" wide. There are a couple larger ones in the making. They are all done in red, navy blue, gray and brown ticking.

Thank you for stopping by....